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Success Stories

Read What These Folks Have to Say ... Then You be the Judge!

My name is Dave. I am 38 years old, a husband and father, and I came to Miami Valley Hypnosis at the beginning of January 2000. How appropriate to start a new century, a new millennium, with an exciting program which is changing my entire physical and mental outlook on food, exercise, and life as a whole. My story is probably not too different from many people across this great land. But it is a story to share, because changes, enormous changes, in your lifestyle, can and will occur, if you believe in Miami Valley Hypnosis. 

In the almost 16 years since I graduated from college, I had added 75 pounds to my 5' 9" frame. It took a long time to build up to this weight. It did not occur overnight. When I was in college, I played baseball where I was on a very regimented training program in terms of exercise and diet. After graduation, the proper eating and exercise habits that I learned gradually wore off. As the years passed by and pounds added with each passing year, weight maintenance became a gruesome, tiresome, and eventually a futile battle. Every once in a while, I would get on one of those fad diets (I tried the Rotation diet) that would work for a short period of time, but soon after would balloon back to my original weight and then some. The poor eating habits that I had developed led to an ever-increasing waistline. Looking back, I can say that my workouts and exercise sessions became fewer and fewer, the number of cans of soda pop became more and more, and the number of times I ate and snacked during the day approached double-digits. My favorite meals were pizza and pasta. I could not stop eating even after I was full. I had to eat more at a meal than was needed. I could hear my mother telling me to clean my plate, "There are starving children in China". My worst habit was the classic "late night snack"... leftover pizza (if I hadn't already ate the whole pie at dinner), chips, pretzels, you name it. I was eating all the time. Even before dinner I would eat. I would stop at a Wendy's to get a cheeseburger and a coke just to break up the one-hour drive I have each day from work. It was as if I was on a one-way street driving the wrong way.

I needed to get on the right path right away. The situation was becoming increasingly critical. Prior to coming to Miami Valley Hypnosis, I was downtrodden and depressed about my weight. The more weight I put on, the more I ate. The more I ate, the more weight I put on, which made me more conscious and depressed about my weight. It was becoming a vicious loop. It truly affected my attitude, confidence, and self-esteem. People at work were noticing and saying things to me. All of these habits, or traps, that I had fallen into, were causing me to be physically and mentally weak. Trying to remain active in some sports, I realized that I couldn't perform at the level I desired. My weight was also becoming a health risk. Coupled with the stressful job that I have as a Purchasing Manager, I had to do something right away.

What I needed was exactly the program at Miami Valley Hypnosis has to offer…a life style change that is forever. Through education, relaxation, and positive suggestion techniques, I LOST 60 POUNDS IN 7 MONTHS without gaining any of it back. I began losing the weight immediately. And the best part this program is that it is SO EASY. Miami Valley Hypnosis has helped me remember the things I already knew but forgot by making good eating and exercise habits second nature. Through the nutrition class each week, I learn all about how the body reacts to food and what the body needs and doesn't need. These classes teach me how to lose weight through proper nutrition, supplements, and exercise, and the relaxation sessions reinforce the lessons taught. I eat better foods that taste great, like fruits and vegetables, and I eat only what I need to give my body energy. I now find myself leaving food on my plate without guilt. The cravings that I use to have every 5 minutes are gone. It is so easy for me to pass on a pizza and order a salad topped with chicken with some fresh fruit and vegetables. Coupled with the nutrition classes, the hypnosis sessions make a powerful one-two punch in releasing the awesome and unbelievable power of the mind in creating change and reinforcing it to an ever-lasting way of life.

After Miami Valley Hypnosis

Now I enjoy going to the grocery store and picking out fresh fruit and vegetables. In fact, I find myself looking at other people's shopping carts and comparing the contents with the people. It is true what they say; "You are what you eat". And the money we are saving at the grocery store is amazing. The packaged food costs so much more and is less nutritious and less tasting. We still go out to our favorite restaurants. The difference is that now do watch what I order (no appetizers, more salads, smaller portions) and I stop eating when I am full. The rest goes home or in the trash. Part of my free time is now geared towards preparing my meals for the week, especially my lunches. I actually enjoy cutting up the fresh vegetables and meats for my salads and fruits for my side dishes. Before Miami Valley Hypnosis, my lunches would have been purchased and consisted of burgers, pizza, and other foods at 10 times the cost.

My spare time is now filled with exercise and events, instead of TV and a bag of chips. I find myself making time for exercise, and after my workouts my body and my mind are energized to take on the day. If I miss a day or two of exercise, I find myself going through withdraws, and my body and mind begin craving a good 2 mile run or 30 minute lifting session. I can't believe how much I look forward to my exercises and workouts. My stress levels are down and my confidence and esteem are up. I plan my weekends now so that I am as active as can be. The effect of being 60 pounds lighter and having so much more energy is incredible. When I am out on the ice playing hockey or refereeing a game, I feel so much lighter and faster on my skates. My golf game has been rejuvenated. In many ways, I feel 15 years younger.

I also listen to my tapes at home, practicing relaxing, deep breathing techniques that I use daily to keep me calm and stress-free. After a hard day at work or even during a hectic weekend, it is nice to find a quiet corner of the house and listen to my tapes. The calming music and positive suggestions help reinforce this new and improved life style.

In only four months with Miami Valley Hypnosis, I have gone from a 38-pant size to a size 34. The suits that I wore 5 years ago (which I couldn't fit into 4 ½ years ago) fit like a glove now. The comments that I get from people at work and at home are very inspiring and rewarding. One person who I had not seen in 6 months almost did not recognize me. I feel great and I know it's only going to get better. 

I still have 5 months to go, but when I am finished with the program at Miami Valley Hypnosis, I will be at my natural body weight for my size, which should be the same as when I left school 16 years ago. And thanks to the staff at Miami Valley Hypnosis, I will have the tools to maintain that weight for the rest of my life. This is a life long change, a habit creating change. You can do it, too. There are several people at Miami Valley Hypnosis in the program now achieving similar results. All it took was one easy phone call to set up an interview with the helpful and professional staff at Miami Valley Hypnosis. And don't be afraid…this is not a bag full of stage show hypnotist tricks; this is behavioral change through positive suggestions in a relaxed frame of mind that you can do at home. And it is all done with professionalism and the highest regard for you. You will be amazed at how easily you begin to lose the weight, and equally amazed at how your spirits rise and your confidence gleans. Make the call today and start the program that will change you in a positive way, in more ways than one, for the rest of your life.

Read What These Folks Have to Say ... Then You be the Judge!

My name is Tricia. I am a 24 year old single mom. I have just recently completed a personalized anxiety program from Miami Valley Hypnosis. I can't believe how much my life has changed! The program was eight sessions over a period of four weeks. I used to think everything had to be difficult, and I wouldn't notice a difference until after the eight sessions. Boy, was I wrong. After the first session I noticed a big drop in stress. Things just didn't bother me as much. After the second and third sessions I was getting better and better. Instead of getting mad when my boss gave me more tasks than I could handle I just laughed, and did one thing at a time, not going crazy trying to do everything at once (like usual). Miami Valley Hypnosis has really helped me change my thinking for the better. I am more relaxed. I would recommend hypnosis to anyone and everyone.

I have to admit at first I thought this is crazy it won't work. What if they just put bad ideas in my head? But I was so sick of not feeling right, yelling at my daughter all the time, and felling high-strung - I had to do something. I have been battling with anxiety and depression for over four years. I've tried everything, Prozac, Zoloft, natural anti-depressants and anxiety control, and even counseling for two years, all helping temporarily. I'm not saying I'm completely cured but Miami Valley Hypnosis has been a blessing for me. Not only am I less stressed, but I have a better understanding of myself and what I can do to make things better for myself.

What I like best about Miami Valley Hypnosis is the staff. They really do care about you. The first day I walked into Miami Valley Hypnosis, Barb took me back in one of the rooms and I started crying, telling her my problems. She was very understanding, she didn't make me feel rushed at all and she took the time to ask questions to find the exact program I needed. Not only did she find the right program for me but also gave me further advice on things I could do outside hypnosis such as eating healthy, exercise and reading materials. Every session I went to she asked me how I was doing and was genuinely concerned. If I wasn't dong well she always had a suggestion. It is a very caring and safe environment.

I was so happy with the results of my first sessions that I did the stop smoking session and I am smoke free. I have been a smoker for ten years. I've tried the patch, nicorette gum and cold turkey technique with none working. What more can I say. Hypnosis is wonderful and it does work!

Read What These Folks Have to Say ... Then You be the Judge!

"The manager at the store would not accept my check!" "He said that I wasn't the woman in the picture on my driver's license!"

My name is Linda. I am a wife, mother, and a grandmother of 13 wonderful grandchildren. I had been thin all my life. I wore a Size 9. Suddenly, five years ago, I found myself more than 100 pounds overweight and a Size 24½. I knew I was overweight, but when I looked in the mirror, I couldn't really see it.

Now that I've lost over 70 pounds, my husband uses my old fat clothes for rags! I know my marriage suffered. My husband didn't like the fact that I was overweight. Many years ago, he told me that he would never have a fat wife. And thanks to hypnosis, now he doesn't!

Before I started hypnosis and dropped all the weight, I was always tired. My joints hurt. I couldn't go up a flight of stairs. I had trouble with my feet and even had problems with arthritis. Now, none of those things bother me. I feel younger. My attitude and personality have changed. I'm more energy, and I don't mind going out with the kids. Now I don't worry about them being embarrassed! I feel 120% better about myself.

Before I started the program, it was all I could do to get in and out of the car. Now I go to the Y and workout three times a week. I'd go five times if I could! It's Great!

After Miami Valley Hypnosis

In seven months, I went from a Size 24½ to a Size 14! Wearing a Size 24½, I couldn't get down on the floor and play with my 13 grandkids. Thanks to hypnosis, I wore a Size 14 to my middle son's wedding. Now that I'm back in regular sizes, I'm never going to get back into those "fat clothes" again!

I wasn't really aware of how much I was eating until I started my hypnosis program. There were times when I was alone I found myself eating. Eating because I was bored, because I was lonely. I had no one to talk to. I was by myself. Now when I'm alone and the urge comes, I keep thinking of the 70 pounds I've lost or go to the fridge and get a glass of water, or take a walk. Anything but food! My hypnosis program has given me the willpower and motivation to go on. My eating no linger controls me, I control my eating! I feel better. I'm much happier. And you can be too. Call Miami Valley Hypnosis today. Do it! It works, and I am proof of that. You will love it. It's Great! - Linda Mangen, Versailles, Ohio

Read What These Folks Have to Say ... Then You be the Judge!

"I felt so fat, it was embarrassing. I couldn't even cross my legs. I avoided doctors' appointments because they would weigh me, and I was afraid of what my husband was thinking"

After Miami Valley Hypnosis

"I feel lucky to have found Miami Valley Hypnosis. Hypnosis has eliminated my cravings, my binges, and my poor eating habits. Losing weight has been so easy because I'm not on a diet. I didn't feel like I was giving anything up. I focused on following the Miami Valley Hypnosis' program to the letter. I went from a size 22W to a size 6."

Read What These Folks Have to Say ... Then You be the Judge!

Hi, I'm Sharon. I live in Sidney, Ohio. Friends and family can't believe it, some say I look 20 years younger. Some say, "You look younger, there's something different about you! What?" Then , I tell them my story, Over the last 3 years I had put on over 50 excess pounds. I felt like a blimp when I wore shorts. I never really felt out of control, just FAT! I had tried other methods to lose the weight only to gain it back again plus some. I saw Miami Valley Hypnosis' advertised in the paper. I called and went in for the free evaluation. I wasn't very optimistic, figured it wouldn't work for me. Everything was explained with no pressure to pursue it. The fee was reasonable. I was still very skeptical until I started loosing. I lost 2 pounds the first week and 5 pounds the first month. I lost 50 pounds in a year. It was fast, easy and effortless. I went from a size 20 to a size 12. My weight loss has been very easy. I am in control of my life, like getting a new lease on life. I noticed a change in my behavior after I started loosing. No more cravings or binges, poor eating habits are a thing of the past. I love fruit and veggies now. I use to pig out. I don't eat very much before I am satisfied.

After Miami Valley Hypnosis

I eat for what my body needs, not out of boredom. I have learned to cook less fat foods. I exercise everyday. I do gardening and go camping. I have more energy and I can move better. I had problems with my feet and now I don't. I can walk better and breathe better. I enjoy life more. I am proud of myself, and I now have the self-esteem that I had lost. I love myself. I'm a better person all the way around. I hold my head high. I am happy about my accomplishment, absolutely. It makes my new husband happy. The most important benefits I received from Miami Valley Hypnosis is weight loss and self-esteem. Miami Valley Hypnosis is weight loss and self-esteem. Miami Valley Hypnosis is a very smart investment, the smartest investment I have ever made. I am very satisfied with my results. If I can do it, you can too! Losing weight has given me confidence, I can do anything I set a goal at. If you are overweight, go to Miami Valley Hypnosis it will change your life. I give Miami Valley Hypnosis a 10!

Read What These Folks Have to Say ... Then You be the Judge!

I was a smoker for 8 years. I tried every method know to man to kick the habit but I just could not do it. I would go for 5-6 days and then break down and buy cigarettes. After I smoked one, I would be overwhelmed by a feeling of guilt and disappointment. Finally, I decided to try hypnosis. Miami Valley Hypnosis had the lowest price and I wasn't willing to spend anymore than I had to on something I was skeptical about. I smoked my last cigarette moments before my session. After my hypnosis session, I remember leaving feeling more refreshed than ever. I had no cravings for weeks and began to exercise on a regular basis which was something else I had never done. I have not had a cigarette since and I have lost 20 pounds. People always ask me, "Do you still get cravings?". Yes, I do but they are just thoughts now, not cravings. It's like deciding whether to eat cereal or eggs for breakfast. Do I want to smoke? My mind instantly says, NO and I don't give it another thought. It's absolutely amazing and I will be forever thankful to Miami Valley Hypnosis.

Read What These Folks Have to Say ... Then You be the Judge!

Cathy from Piqua, Ohio

I believe that after smoking nearly a pack a day for 11 years that I would not be able to quit. I found great comfort and hope in talking with the staff at Miami Valley Hypnosis and in listening to my tapes at home. Through the use of hypnosis, I did not feel the constant cravings for a cigarette. My true achievement came when I realized that I did not need to have a cigarette and that I did not want one. Now I can truly say that I am a non-smoker and that this was an extremely painless and effortless way to quit.

Read What These Folks Have to Say ... Then You be the Judge!

Deb from Piqua, Ohio

I was a smoker for nearly 30 years and within 45 minutes I quit! And the best part is I have lost 4 pounds in the process. You cannot imagine the calming effect through hypnosis. My doctor and chiropractor both saw positive changes in my physical appearance.

Read What These Folks Have to Say ... Then You be the Judge!

Denise from Greenville, Ohio

For the last eight years I have been on a diet roller coaster. I've tried fad diets, diet pills, weight loss centers, liquid diets and more. You name it, and I've tried it. Each time I tried one of these methods, I lost weight, and then... I gained the weight back. I knew dieting was not the answer. but I didn't know what else to do. Then, I heard about Miami Valley Hypnosis. I went in for a consultation and found out what the program was all about. It's been the bet thing that's happened to me! I started eight weeks ago and I've already lost 18 pounds and 2 dress sizes. It been so easy. There are no diets to follow and no weigh-ins. I just don't have the food cravings like I used to. I eat three meals a day, drink lots of water and I actually want to go to the gym and work out! The sessions are wonderful. It's so relaxing and losing weight has never been easier. I feel great and I'm continuing to lose weight. I look forward to doing another testimonial when I've reached my ideal weight. Miami Valley Hypnosis has definitely made a "New Change" in me!

Read What These Folks Have to Say ... Then You be the Judge!

Nancy from Troy, Ohio

Hypnosis has eliminated ALL my cravings, food binges and poor eating habits. I have lost 40 pounds, 3 dress sizes in just 16 weeks. I eat less, and I am never hungry. My self-esteem and self-confidence is 100 times more than what it was. I now exercise, walk, do aerobics, lift weights, and go out shopping. I'm not Tired. The program really works.

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