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Special Group Sessions
Death by Chocolate (Past Life)

Death by Chocolate (Past Life)

How it works:

The Workshop includes a discussion about Reincarnation, Past Lives, and Hypnosis, all while indulging our taste sensations in a variety of decadent chocolates. We will then take a Hypnotic Journey back in time to maybe experience one our souls many lifetimes.


Is all this for real – only you can decide.


Barbara Felder is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotist, Inc. She is the President of Miami Valley Hypnosis, Inc. in Troy, Ohio. Barbara has had an interest in Past Lives and Reincarnation all her life. She has studied and taken classes with some of the best Past Life Regression teachers in the Hypnosis field, Dr. Georgina Cannon, an award-winning author, author of Return Again, change catalyst, corporate speaker, international facilitator, and practicing consulting hypnotist. Richard Sutphen, author of Past Lives, Future Loves and You Were Born to Be Together Again. Henry Leo Bolduc, author of The Journey Within and Life Patterns, and Dr. Flory to name a few.


HAVE YOU LIVED BEFORE? Reincarnation is the belief that after one's physical body dies; the soul is later reborn into a new body.  Throughout the World, many major religions support the possibility of reincarnation. The Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Aztecs all believed in the "transmigration of souls" from one body to another after death. It's a fundamental precept of Hinduism. If reincarnation exists, perhaps we can re-experience events that happened to us in a past life.   And if we do, perhaps those events can teach us, or remind us of, some lesson we can use in our current life.


What is a Past Life Experience? To put it simply, a Past Life Experiences is, or at least seems to be, memories of events, feelings and people that appear to come from before the present lifetime began.  These experiences may be quite vivid, as if one were actually reliving them, or observational, as if one were watching a movie or leafing through a picture album. They often, almost always in fact, give us an insight into issues, problems or concerns of the current life


Past life recall is one of the most fascinating areas of unexplained human phenomena. As yet, science has been unable to prove or disprove its genuineness. Even many who have investigated claims of past life recall are unsure whether it is an historical recollection due to reincarnation or is a construction of information somehow received by the subconscious. Either possibility is remarkable.


Is there any truth to it, however? Is reincarnation just an idea, a fantasy? Or is there real evidence to support it? You need to research it and come to your own conclusion. A good start would be to attend this workshop!


Age Group: Adult


Group Room Session is for up to 6 Time Travelers and the total cost for the Workshop is $300.00


Students per class: (6 people Cost $50 per person) (5 people Cost $60 per person) (4 people Cost $75 per person)

(3 people Cost $100 per person) (2 people Cost $150 per person)


Individual Past Life Session is $250


There are no supply fees everything is included.

There will be chocolates to share. Each person will get a small box of chocolates to take home.

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