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About Barbara

Barbara Felder, C.Ht.

Barbara Felder, Certified Hypnotist, Miami Valley Hypnosis, Inc. Troy, Ohio attends the hypnotism event of the year. The National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc. 2014 Convention and Educational Conference, Building Our Profession, held at the Royal Plaza Hotel and Trade Center, Marlborough, Massachusetts August 08-10.

Ms. Felder learned the latest techniques for Stop Smoking, Weight loss and Unstressing. Some additional workshops Ms. Felder attended included: Building Resilience Holistically – Techniques to Adapt to Change and Bounce back from any Situation, Understanding the mind Model, Conversational Past Life Regression – Creating Past Life Trances while a Client is in a waking state, Hypnosis, The Key to the Metaphysical – Building Our Profession with Spiritual Intention, HUNA & Ho’oponopono, Real Simple Real World Medical Hypnosis, Hypnosis Neurobiology & Depth Testing, A New Protocol for PTSD, Living with Intention, Positively Happy, How to Switch into Solution Consciousness, Overview about EMDR – What it is & How & Why it Works, How to use Dreams to Empower your Clients, Super Nova Hypnosis, Healing a Broken Heart, and Helping Ordinary, Everyday people, with Ordinary, Everyday Problems.

Ms. Felder says, "With over 200 seminars and workshops, the variety, the expertise and the wealth of information makes this conference so valuable. The convention is attended by over 2000 people worldwide. No matter how many conferences I attend, I always learn, bring home new techniques and enjoy networking with other members of National Guild of Hypnotists."
Ms. Felder took 17 workshops for a total of 21 hours of training on hypnosis over three days. These 21 hours are applicable toward the National Guild of Hypnotists annual fifteen-hour renewal requirements for Certified Hypnotist for 2014 - 2015. Ms. Felder has attended the past twelve conferences and is planning on attending the 2015 conference.

You may contact Barbara Felder, Consulting Hypnotist, for more information on hypnosis sessions and classes she offers. She is also available to speak to your group about the uses and benefits of hypnosis. Miami Valley Hypnosis, Inc. is located at 1100 Wayne St. Troy, Ohio 45373 or phone 937-332-8700.